When it comes purchasing investment properties, Welcome Home Property Solutions has a proven system on how we select and purchase investment properties. Our proven system has served us well over the years and we continue to implement it in the cities we invest in today.
Our partnership model is very simple – if we wouldn’t invest in the deal ourselves, then we won’t be putting your money into the deal. Our model consists of 4 components.


We invest in the St. Catharines & Niagara regions and Hamilton markets. These areas have experienced significant growth over the past three years. Both of these cities have significant transportation infrastructures underway providing important linkages to the City of Toronto and other major hubs which is only 45-90 minutes away.


Positive Cash Flow

Before we ever go and look at a property it’s important to know, does the deal make sense? Welcome Home Property Solutions conducts a thorough financial analysis of the property to determine

  1. Does it fit our investment model?
  2. Based on market rents and expenses, does the property cash flow?

If the answer is yes to both of these questions we can proceed with further research on the project.

Selecting The Right Neighbourhood

Cheaper isn’t always better. You may be the bargain shopper on your grocery shopping but when buying an investment property this isn’t always the best strategy. As real estate investors, we are focussed on forcing appreciation and adding value to properties. This can be achieved by finding properties listed below market value or finding properties where you add value through renovation.


Selecting Great Tenants

You’re only as good as the tenants you select – it’s a key point never to lose sight of. Remember the tenants you select will help you pay down the mortgage on the property and care for your home as you would therefore it’s important to ensure you select the right ones, but how? That’s where we step in. Our proven system of selecting and placing tenants in properties over the years will assist in ensuring that you find the right ones!